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Speed to market. For healthcare startups, success depends on more than proof of concept. It requires proof of ROI at the institutional level. And that means data. Serious data. As part of a care system that’s both a provider and a payer, Winter Street Ventures is uniquely positioned to deliver the whole package. Faster.

We are innovators empowering innovators


Winter Street Ventures is the for-profit affiliate of Commonwealth Care Alliance  (CCA) – founded to attract, accelerate and bring to scale innovations that advance its mission to improve care and control costs for those with complex health needs. We are pioneers with a proven track record of transformation, looking for partners in disruption.


Where blue-sky meets real-world


For the right partners, we can offer something few venture firms can match: reality. An opportunity to pilot your idea within a real healthcare organization with real patients and real clinicians in real care settings. That’s a force multiplier that’s hard to overvalue. Many entrepreneurs come to us looking for a check; the smart ones know they need a reality check.


A Valued Partnership: Commonwealth Care Alliance


Two factors distinguish Winter Street Ventures as a partner for healthcare startups. First, access to CCA’s patient population of 32,000 extremely high utilizers of healthcare solutions. And second, an approach to care that engages members as true collaborators in their own care. We don’t try innovations on our members; we try innovations in trusting partnership with them.   

Leaders who are innovators

Chris Palmieri, CEO of both Winter Street Ventures and CCA, has successfully launched four different ventures in which he was Employee #1. Chief of Innovation John Loughnane, MD is a practicing physician responsible for many of CCA’s clinical firsts. Together, Chris and John hold the keys to a vast wealth of intellectual capital.

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