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The Real Deal

Think big. Get real.


You have what seems like a huge idea. On paper, it ought to work. But will it work? In the real world?


As part of a unique provider-payer care system, Winter Street Ventures , a healthcare startup incubator and accelerator, can administer a triple dose of reality to your idea – maximizing its chances in the marketplace and multiplying its value once it gets there.






Practicing Commonwealth Care Alliance   clinicians will scrutinize your idea from every angle, putting their years of real-world intellectual capital to work for you. 



The idea goes live in a real-world pilot. Not just thrown out there to sink or swim, but carefully

monitored to tweak and refine, as real patients in real care settings interact in real time.



We demonstrate the value of your product or service based on real insurance claims data. You come away with a solid business case that will convince the institutional purchasers who can drive your product’s value through meaningful sales volume.


There are a lot of wheeler-dealers out there. Our payer-provider feedback loop is what makes Winter Street Ventures the real deal.

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