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Our Vision

An Innovator Discovers New Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Healthcare
Let’s change healthcare
Transformation is in the DNA of our company. The men and women who founded Commonwealth Care Alliance  were healthcare visionaries who saw a huge, unmet need
and broke down barriers to meet it. The innovative model they built has won national acclaim for its success in bending the quality curve up and the cost curve down.
Now, at Winter Street Ventures , we’re looking for the same kind of visionaries to be our partners in healthcare transformation and in discovering new entrepreneurial opportunities in healthcare.
Have you uncovered an unmet need? Found barriers to break? Curves to bend? Work with us, and you’ll be working with people who have been there and done that. Professionals
who will be in the trenches with you, and for you, over the long haul. True believers who see this as a partnership, not a transaction.
Let’s do this. Together.


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